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Breast examination made easier by home packs

Date: 11/10/2007 09:43:56

Northern Ireland last week extended the UK campaign for breast cancer prevention by pharmacies making available a new instructional DVD and gel-based glove pack for self-examination.

Lloyds Pharmacy has started to provide its Breast Sense Glove and instructional DVD at £5, giving women of all ages a further incentive to be as breast aware as possible, with Northern Irish uptake of the idea adding to the campaign for conscientious checking.

The push for self-examination is a mark of new emphasis being placed on identifying the early signs of breast cancer by taking preventative steps at home, while women are also urged to obtain medical advice when necessary.

Research from breast cancer charity the Genesis Appeal has shown that women are keen to identify early symptoms of the disease, but do not know how to detect it, prompting the call for simpler instructive packs enabling efficient self-examination.

As the most common form of cancer among women in Northern Ireland and elsewhere, the campaign has been welcomed as a means of getting women used to breast examination and ready to detect changes.

Television GP Dr Chris Steele, a supporter of the campaign, said: "The trick is to detect lumps early by getting into a routine and doing checks at the same time each month.

"By doing this you become more aware of what is normal for you - then you will notice any changes that might occur."

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